1 year on – Bloor Kingswood Heath Launch date

It’s been a whole year since Bloor launched the Kingswood Heath development. Yep, our good friends the Dolbys sent us an email with the launch details and we went over to the launch event after picking a plot that we wanted. At this time we had reserved at Chesterwell and was due to complete the reservation form etc and move in January. However, this was a real curve ball due to the house layout been way better.

So, off went to Rowhedge where we tried to reserve plot 548. Yep, no messing around, we had sold our property and were prepare to put our money where our mouth was. Of course, that is easier than said and we wasn’t allowed but hey that’s old news. From this point, we knew we wanted this house and went all out to get it. History went on to prove we were as serious as we said and that we were in a position to proceed even though we were not allowed to actually reserve until the New Year.

So there you have it, a year ago today, our Boor Kingswood Heath journey begins. Despite the grief we have gone through, we have made a new home and new friends and look forward to decorating our Christmas tree for our first Christmas in our new family home.

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