10 day Bloor snagging list

Bloor invited us to the property 7 days before we were due to move in which was very exciting as we had little visibility of what inside looked like.

What we didn’t realise was the condition of the finish would be so poor that we spent the whole time fault finding. Clearly, no-one from Bloor had performed any pre inspection checks which seems very odd to me.

None the less, we detailed every point we were unhappy with under the promise that each of these points would be addressed in the next week prior to moving in. They weren’t, in fact, I would go as far as to say that the list was ignored which lead to the shine being removed from moving in to our dream Bloor home.

Introducing the 10 Day Bloor snagging list.

However, we were given the opportunity to carry over the 7 day list items into our 10 Day Bloor snagging  list (keep up), which is exactly what we did.

It is likely that whilst you are settling in to your new home you will become aware of items that need attention. After a few days in your new home our Site Manager will pay you a courtesy call to make sure everything is to your satisfaction and our regional customer care team will be on hand to assist, should anything need addressing.

This is a snippet of our list upon moving in. Have a look at our 10 Day Bloor snagging list and see if you think it is fitting for a company who uses the streamline ‘where’s your perfect’.


In conclusion, we did let Bloor come back in and they did a good job of making good. But, when you buy new, you don’t want make good, you want right first time.

On the whole, we kind of settled for what we ended up with.