10 Day List

Well, to tell the truth this was depressing. Creating our list was painful as the more we looked, the more we saw examples of poor workmanship that had clearly been rushed. For more images please see our 10 day page.


I would like to make a number of observations which for lead me to draw the conclusion that this home wasn’t ready to handy over.

Many of these points appeared in the 7 day pre
inspection. Surely, at this point Bloor felt confident that the home was ready for us to inspection

If yes, I have been mislead to believe that the Bloor build quality is higher than that delivered.

If no, why arrange the pre inspection knowing it wasn’t ready?

On completion, the points raised had not been
rectified. This makes the 7 day pre inspection process redundant and leaves you presenting a poorly if not unfinished home upon completion.

On completion

Without understanding internal Bloor handover
process any further than that has been published.

As such:

1. The property was inspected by a Bloor
Representative to make sure that it met with your minimum standards?

2. The property wasn’t inspected?

I am not sure which is worse of these two options; 1. means that this check was not carried out correctly and 2 means you handed over a property without checking it first.

Or, was the check carried out and the property was deemed to be within your minimum standards and it is my expectations that are incorrect?

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