Moved in! But not ready…

So, remember how we had to do the all-important 7 day prior to moving in visit to identify all things we were not happy with? Well, not one of them had been done… We were delighted to get the keys but disappointed at the same time. Clearly, this property had no final quality checks.

Car trouble

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Bad day for our car. So, we went for our site visit which was dead exciting. I must admit, I didn’t think we would be driving down to the house on a road that was barely fit for an 18 wheeler. Neither did our car, as our suspension immediately sprung a leak resulting in two rear air bellows being fitted at a cost of £800.

First Inspection

Hi Mark

Your Inspection is booked in for 1.30pm with Ashley on Friday.  You are on a 7 day notice so on Friday you should have the competition date confirmed to you via your solicitor.  Please call Catie at TSP, if you have questions with regards to this.

Hartwood Carpets will need to come at the end of your inspection, so please ask them to arrive here around 2.30pm.  I will then bring over to the plot for you.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you both then.



Hope you are all well

I need to get access for my flooring people as soon as possible… When do you think we can do this?




Hi Mark

Your inspection is on Friday 19th May and you will be able to measure for flooring then.

Please advise if you are having a company measuring for you, if so we will need the Company name and allocate them a time.

Thank you