Action/no action

Good Afternoon Mr Ninnim

Further to my telephone call earlier, I have raised a job ticket for PMC Landscaping to inspect the poorly fitted fencing . I have instructed them to contact you directly and they have 5 working days to do so.

Neil Perkins, the contracts manager has advised that the land in front of your house will eventually be adopted by a management company. However, as this will not be for some time it is sites responsibility. Neil has instructed site contractors to tidy this area and keep it well maintained for the residents whilst the site is live.

In regards to the street lighting, I have left a message for the site manager to let me know when these will be activated. I hope that I get a swift response so will let you know in due course.

Thank you for your patience and if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,



Please can you give me an update on the points that have been raised to date.

Thank you


Dear Mr Ninnim

As previously advised your matters are being looked into. Steve August  is on annual leave so we will be unable to get an update until he returns on 17th August.

Ashley advises me the pathway works are beginning today with the ground workers. These works were held up due to a water diversion.

As soon as there is an update you will be advised.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Dear Holly

I am surprised that your complaint handling process stops upon annual leave as this suggest that Steve’s holiday is more important than my issues. I am not alone in the frustration surrounding the communal area, especially as the in last communication (31st July)  Steve he said you didn’t own it in order to divert responsibility. However, I have come to learn this was not true and still await confirmation for yourselves that you do own the land.

Do you think it’s right that I wait for Steve to return from his holiday?

I work in a regulated environment (Financial Services) where we have systems and controls in place to favour the right customer outcome. If we fail to do so, we have an ombudsman to protect the consumer. The FCA would not accept that a holiday was a sufficient reason not to deal with a complaint. I respect you are not regulated by the FCA but I would of thought that you would have internal processes.


Dear Mr Ninnim

The procedures for complaint handling do not stop when the Customer Relations Manager is on annual leave as there is a chain that should be followed and if the CRM is unavailable then it can be escalated to the Directors for consideration and response.

The team here have been liaising with the Site team to advise when the communal areas will be fully completed and will be advising you accordingly. In regard to the communal areas I had been advised that these will be adopted by a managing agent who will be responsible for the whole of the joint development.

No path

Bloor Kingswood Heath


Please can you advise when the path outside my house is due to be laid and the pathway opened up. We were told that it would be finished by the end of July but with exception to a few days labour at the beginning of July no one is working on opening the access or the path.

I don’t need to remind you that it is the school holidays and each family here has children who use the park which we currently have to walk around the development to access.

I look forward to someone coming back to me regarding the other points previously raised.