Bloor Kingswood Heath

One of the things we love the most is that when the site generator goes down, so does our TV and Satelite. Yes this weekend was another example of fine Bloor back-ups where the generator stopped working, so we had to no TV.

MD Site visit

Very brief meeting followed up by an email 18 days later…


Dear Mark

Apologies for the delay in responding to you.

Following I discussion on site regarding the land outside of the fenced area.  As you may recall we discussed whether a tree should be erected in the square area of grass.  I suggested that this may have been a landscaping feature.  I have  checked the planning drawings and working drawings and the area identified is left as grass for over sailing purposes for vehicles.

I would ask therefore that the fence line remain as erected and no planting take place.


Dear xxx,

Upon reservation, we were shown this drawing which shows the knee high wooden fence which also surrounds the main lawned area outside the show homes.
This is very different to the metal fence that I have now. I am not interested in making allowance for people to reverse over my land at the expense of my access, would you be? I suggest that this is a design issue where not enough space for reversing has been allowed and someone has been creative to make it work. It certainly isn’t aesthetically pleasing and neither does perform any benefit to the homeowner.
*Please note the impact of dissecting my boundary has should I wish to cut my lawn. (back line)
You will also note the trees in the plans.
Im sure you are not aware of the issues we have all suffered on this first phase at Kingswood Heath. I have stopped communication with customer services and now wait for my 6 month checklist to address my issues and hope you are now surrounded with people better placed at solving problems.
With regret, I have no good words to say about my experience post sale (except Cherryl, Bradly and Ashley) and I am not alone. Should you wish to learn more about my not entirely unique experience, I would be happy to discuss further. In absence of this conservation, I will cc you in on my 6 month list.
No answer to this email