The exact opposite of Bloor

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Today I witnessed something truly impressive. The story starts when we bought a table at Fenwicks of Colchester, it’s dead nice and we are very happy with it. Well, we were until we opened it out to its maximum size and we found it had discolored considerably. So, on Sunday I sent the store an email with a couple of photos. To my surprise, I got an email the same day giving me two appointment opportunities for inspection.

This morning Mark Turner from Fenwicks Colchester came out. He called when he was on his way and visited my home on time with a smile on his face even though he knew it was a complaint. Even before seeing the table Markapologisedd the inconvenience and upon seeing the table he drew the conclusion that it needed replacing.

At this point I was more than impressed, to say the least. My experience of customer service and that of my neighbours has been shocking to say the least.

On leaving the property after shaking my hand he said the most relevent parting line. “That’s why you bought at Fenwick”, he’s right. We chose Fenwick over many other cheaper options and yes the table was expensive but we have been treated exceptionally.

Bloor are not the Fenwicks of the property world, maybe IKEA.

So, are you looking for furniture for your new home? If so, treat yourself to a trip to Fenwicks. Take as many escalators as you can until you get to the top floor where you will be looked after. PS The sales aren’t bad either!

The Brick People 6 month list

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Didnt catch their names but we had the ‘brick people’ round yesterday and whilst we got off to a frosty start they turned out to be very helpful. It turns out that my house didn’t get its brickwork cleaned which is why it is covered in cement. Perhaps Bloor Kingswood Heath were too busy to notice that my red brick is really a patchy grey. Also, needs to be cleaned with acid, this isnt me being lazy.

This is another example of poor post completion checks. I don’t care what anyone says; someone from Bloor should of walked round to my house before I got the keys and said “this brick work looks awful, lets do something about it before Mark and his family move in.

Funny thing, when I pointed out that the roof man had blamed the brick man for my wonky roof line. Brick man laughed and said “I bet he did”. He also went on to point out that there was a thing missing from my roof line.

Communal Care (or lack of)

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Notice the stripes in our communal green (refuse to call it a lawn)? Well, you can just about make them out through the leaves and that’s because when they cut the lawn they didnt put a bag on the back of the lawnmower so it just cut the grass and scattered the cuttings and leaves. However, we got stripes which are always welcome.

Roof line – 6 month list

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Ok, so Bloor contacted the roofers to come and visit the property after I registered my issue with the roofline to the back of the house. Predictably, the roofers came out and have passed the blame on the construction under the tiling which is the reason the tiling isn’t straight. I did explore the avenue of why you would lay tiles if unhappy with the lintel and brickwork under it but they said they are paid to do a job…

Clearly, the Bloor quality control check didn’t take place as even the tiler agreed it was unacceptable. Maybe Bloor hoped I’d be cool with it…

Solution; It can be put right but would have to come off.

I have been told to go back to Bloor.

1 year on – Bloor Kingswood Heath Launch date

Bloor Kingswood Heath

It’s been a whole year since Bloor launched the Kingswood Heath development. Yep, our good friends the Dolbys sent us an email with the launch details and we went over to the launch event after picking a plot that we wanted. At this time we had reserved at Chesterwell and was due to complete the reservation form etc and move in January. However, this was a real curve ball due to the house layout been way better.

So, off went to Rowhedge where we tried to reserve plot 548. Yep, no messing around, we had sold our property and were prepare to put our money where our mouth was. Of course, that is easier than said and we wasn’t allowed but hey that’s old news. From this point, we knew we wanted this house and went all out to get it. History went on to prove we were as serious as we said and that we were in a position to proceed even though we were not allowed to actually reserve until the New Year.

So there you have it, a year ago today, our Boor Kingswood Heath journey begins. Despite the grief we have gone through, we have made a new home and new friends and look forward to decorating our Christmas tree for our first Christmas in our new family home.

Customer service – No TV services

Ok, so the situation is this; Everyone’s TV and satellite services are down. Yes, everyones. Would you consider this something worth acting on immediately? Baring in mind you have everyone’s email addresses, would you send out an email apologising and explaining what is being done about it? Yes, you probably would but this Bloor and they do things differently.

No TV (again)

Bloor Kingswood Heath

It would seem that every few weeks the generator that powers our communal satellite dish breaks. Today is one of those days and I am sure that we can look forward to many more of these distributions until Bloor invests in a backup solution. Is it too much to ask to have TV? Perhaps I should check my extras list to see if Maria and I didn’t check the box for ‘all year round TV’ by accident…


Cant think of a picture to go with this post but I have just had a really nice professional reply from Bloor, as the title says, I’m impressed, to say the least.

Of course, I’m now going to ruin this with satire but the sentiment means well. My analogy is this, if you have been eating crumbs for 6 months and someone passes you a piece of steak; Trust me, it will taste like the best steak you have had in your whole life! So for now, I’m pretty pleased.

Here’s the email. It’s important people see the good as well as the bad 🙂

Good Morning,

Please could you let me know whether Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 8am would be convenient for our Maintenance Operative to attend your property to carry out remedials to your home. We only hold appointments for 48 hours so I would be grateful if you could confirm, by return of this email.

I have also raised job tickets for your Brickwork to be cleaned by the Brick workers (Tempest Brickwork) and the roof not being straight has been raised with the Roofers ( Newbury Roofing). They will both be in direct contact with you regarding this.

The communal Landscaping areas are being sorted by Site and we will be in contact when they know when that is being sorted.

In regards to your Kitchen Worktops and Railing in your front garden, these are being investigated by your coordinator and they will be in contact with you when they have done this.

Kind Regards,

Google Page 1 Position 2

Bloor Kingswood Heath

A point of amusement at Bloor Kingswood Heath.

As a marketing person, my job often involves working websites, in fact, I work on them everyday, and I LOVE MY JOB. I take pride in seeing how well my sites are doing when it comes to google so they are seen by as many people as possible. My Bloor Kingswood Heath website is a non-profit online voice so I’m not too fussed.

In this case, imagine my surprise when this site started to rank 2nd only to Bloor itself. I did think that I may have to pay (which Bloor also do) but no.

As such, this is now a bit of a project to see if I can get it to rank above Bloor.

Hopefully, you will excuse me for using the words Bloor Kingswood Heath as much as I do. It’s not that I like saying the name over and over, but it’s a great way of getting googles attention.


Bloor Kingswood Heath – A new build buyers summary!

After looking how big this Bloor Kingswood Heath website has become, I thought it might be a good idea to summarise my thoughts. Furthermore, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read the whole thing.

So, if you feel inclined please have a read because you may be surprised.