Summary of Outstanding

Family room roof

The roof has a distinct lip on one side which I do not accept as design.

Rear Lawn

We paid £750 for a lawn which I expect to drain and to be flat. Our lawn is shocking and needs re laying.

Front Communal Area

I want this area ‘landscaped’ as it was described at the time of purchase. This includes the planting of trees and to be made as presentable as the lawns at the front of the show homes.


Due to the way our homes have been laid out I have radiators within a meter of the thermostats. These radiators heat the area around the thermostats up too quickly thus shutting them down before the rest of the house gets warm.


The finish on my worktops is shocking and have now let water in which has caused them to ‘blow’

Side fence

My side fence cuts across my boundary making it impossible to  mow the lawn or walk across.

Dry Lining

I have very visible joins amongst my lounge plasterboard walls and ceiling.

Proposed fencing at St Aubyns

We need what was promised, a secure fence.