The end…Or is it?

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Friday 25th saw the final piece of work completed on my Bloor Kingswood Heath home. It’s either an amazing coincidence or indication of the year we have had that Friday also marked our 1st year living in this property. Yes, we have been here for 1 whole year, and the work has just finished.

Is the house now perfect, no. Perfect is not within Bloor’s grasp or even close. Is it ok? yes.

The picture above inappropriately illustrates that someone won. Well, that’s not the intention, it’s just over.

I have reached a final point of solace where enough is enough. The past can’t be re-written, the disappointment won’t be forgotten due to the rectification of faults. Bloor Kingswood Heath might say they’ve put everything right and you can’t expect any more. I disagree but am too tired to argue.

The questions still stand. Why build this website? Well, it was the only way to get heard and if nothing else it proved to be the catalyst that got my issues treated more seriously. Would I buy Bloor again? Never. Would I recommend Bloor Kingswood Heath to a friend? Never. However, if like me you find the right house in the right location, maybe you will simply have to take a chance!