Under Construction, or is it?

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is an ambitious shot from an eager homebuyer who has snuck into their new home while in the process of construction. However, you would be very wrong. In this case, the keen photographer had actually been living in this home for just under 2 years! Yes, this week, all of their ceilings are being replaced due to poor workmanship.

What question do you want to ask first? How did this happen? How did this get through the Quality Check before handover? Or, maybe you can say that things ‘go wrong’ and perhaps the workman was having a ‘bad day’… Choose the later and deal with the reality that it has taken nearly two years to get Bloor to accept responsibility and repair the poor workmanship. What is worse?

Secure Hospital – St Aubyns

First off, you must understand my position on this post. It has little to do with the centre itself as it was there long before I decided to move here. They do some exceptional work troubled individuals and I have the highest respect for them and what they do for our society.

However, there used to be a 6′ division between the housing estate and the secure unit. Now, there is a small black metal fence. People do not volunteer to go to St. Aubyns, so by definition should they choose to leave this must be an attractive exit now. This is a problem, because this is where we live, literally. My children play not far from this fence.

Personally, I think it is unfair to put this in view of people who cannot be as free as they would like. Seeing children playing happily when this is not possible, could become something that a guest of St. Aubyns finds frustrating. Surely, this will not help them?

I think that strategically, it is within both parties interests not to have this open environment.

These are not the ramblings of someone who does not understand or respect the great work they do at St. Aubyns. Just a concerned resident who feels that there is a privacy risk both ways. Whilst I am confident my children wouldn’t go in there, I can’t be sure others may not find it tempting.

It would have been better to have this fence finished in a way that does not encourage interest from either direction.

Kingswood Heath Facebook Page

Kingswood heath

I did start to wonder if people may have thought that it was just me that has experienced these problems. Well, sadly it is not and if you visit our community facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/157705354951786/

You will see that I am not alone. A group that should have been all about how lovely it is and sharing useful information is more about how terrible their Bloor experience is. It’s a closed group but if you ask to join I am sure you will be allowed. We are lucky to have a local Councillor who takes up regular battles against the developer for not delivering on what has been promised, thank you Martin Goss, you have my vote.

New forest planted

Well, we moved in nearly two years ago and thanks to the persistence of one of our neighbours, they have planted a small forest outside our house. I say forest but I mean three trees in the most bizarre formation. I have told my children that when their children visit, they may be able to climb them. It’s so frustrating that it has taken so long to get them to do what they said they would so long ago.