6 Month list update

Ok, so lets have a little New Year catch up.

You have seen the six month list which we did in November, well you wont be surprised that not much has changed but lets not be down.

The wonky roof has still not been dealt with because Bloor are blaming the Brick people and the brick people are blaming the roof people. Im simply waiting for someone to take a little responsibility…

The gate that wouldn’t open or shut has been fixed! Someone came and did what they said and it’s perfect even if it doesn’t match the fence.

My kitchen units have been looked at but are still not right with some huge gaps and some no gaps.

Paint has been sorted but my lounge dry lining needs looking at.

Kitchen worktops are to be replaced. Yes we have the pleasure of the kitchen being refitted. Good they are doing it but bad that it has to be done.

Metal fence is a planning issue, they wont do anything so I will be moving.

Lawn – the front is dry the back is waterlogged and massively uneven. However, no one has been round yet.

Brick cleaning, well they also forgot to come round.

Heating is a worry, I have just had a massive bill and yet we have some parts of the home which are simply cold. Im not convinced that we have the right set up and expected this home to be energy efficient. As it stands we use 3x more energy than similar homes in our area.

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