You should watch this about Bloor Kingswood Heath

VLog of a homeowners opinion at Bloor Kingswood Heath

I bet that if you went into the Bloor Kingswood Heath office and said “but, what about that website?”, they would say something like “oh, that’s a one-off or dismiss it as nothing to take notice of. However, they would be wrong and Ellen tells her story really well. Now, I have only met Ellen once (when she was walking her amazing labrador) and we got talking. What started as a friendly exchange about her dog soon turned into something we both have in common… #BloorGate. Yes, within minutes we were sharing stories in what you’d be forgiven for thinking was a competition between who has had the worse experience! Isn’t it a shame when we should be saying how happy we are?

Oz, the dog got so bored… Yes, there were that many things we had in common.

Please note this, Ellen only talks about the facts. It would be subjective to talk about how she feels about certain things, these things actually happened. I particularly like that she stayed away from the sales process that I know she was not happy with.

Have a listen and decide for yourself if this is yet another crusade to darken Bloor’s name, or the result of complete frustration…

Good work Ellen.

PS – When you went to Bloor Kingswood Heath, did they tell you they do not do discounts, stamp duty contributions or carpets? Well, Ellen has proved that to be a lie…

Don’t settle for the standard line at Bloor Kingswood Heath and keep pushing for the best deal possible. Remember, you have three other local developments to choose from.

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