Bad day at Kingswood Close

Hey all

So the tally is this:


No Broadband

No Phone

And now No Post, yes you guessed it, we have to collect our mail from the sorting office.

It is true that third word countries have better connections to the outside world than Kingswood Heath. Oh and you will love this, you need ID to collect the post which is in the post we are trying to collect. The latter is the most amusing as I’m sure there will be dozens of letters from Bloor to myself. As such, please forgive my lack of reply.

No need to be negative though as we still have water, gas and electricity and are enjoying these utilities while they last. If I have the choice for the next utility, please can it be Gas as we must have electricity and water. However, I will leave this to you 😉

Forgive the humour but if I don’t laugh, I will cry.




Thank you for the update, however I do have some for you:

The box which is being built to provide the cabling for BT will be completed by the end of next week and BT Open reach have been booked in for w/c 26th, which they believe will be this date.  Then testing will be done and within that week we are assured we will go live.

As far as the post not arriving I have just called the Postal Address Service which we call when the plots have completed and they can confirm that all plots in Kent Close were registered on 31st May.  This takes 48 hours to go through on their system and they have confirmed you are live.  They have suggested that you call their Customer Service Department on 03457 740740 and log a complaint, at which point they will look into why your post has not been delivered.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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