Bloor Gallery

This is our Bloor gallery which if nothing else hows how often we attended the site to view the progress.

In a world of Health and Safety, we were only ever allowed on site twice before occupation which was frustrating. However, we understand the rules are there for a reason. At the same time, I think Bloor should understand that when buying off plan with no show home, you can expect purchasers to want to see what they have bought.

We did get to visit another development which had our model of house which gave us a good idea of the space and size that this Bloor home offered.

We spent most weekends parked at the end of Boxted Road taking snaps and peering through the fence trying to get a glimpse of our new Bloor Home.

So this is just a part of our Bloor gallery but is shows the story where we started off.


Pre Reservation

Not much to see here as the house wasn’t built and we couldn’t get anywhere near the plot. However, we did to go and see this property which was also an Astley but in Martlesham.


Post Reservation

Brief plot visit (not inside)

Pre exchange

First Look Inside

Back waiting

Moved in