Bloor Kingswood Heath Trustpilot review

Firstly, yes I have better things to do.

Bloor Kingswood Heath Trustpilot review

My life is full of some really lovely people, and this is what is important. However, Bloor continues to do wrong by myself and my new friends, and it is just not fair. Why should we suffer to preserve the profits and Christmas bonuses of people who haven’t don’t their job in the first place? So, here we are Bloor Kingswood Heath Trustpilot review time.

So, today I thought I would leave a Trustpilot review. After all, that’s what they are for, right?

Ok, maybe I should have waited until my is completed but I think I will feel the same regardless.

Customer service and quality is something you just expect from a builder who quotes perfection in their sales material. I feel hugely let down and do not relish the countless conversations I will have with my friends and family when they visit our new home over Christmas.

If you live here, please jump on Trustpilot and share your experience. If you don’t and are thinking about it, think hard and ask lots of questions. Drop me a line if you want to hear it from someone who has just finished his first year of dealing with Bloor Kingswood Heath.

On a positive note, it may snow again which will cover the grass area opposite saving me from looking out my window and fuming at its unfinished state. Yes, a thick covering of snow is just what we need. You never know, our lawns may even look level and that would be a first!

Only a few more words until we hit the magic number that makes Google happy. On the subject of Google, it would seem more people are interested in reading about Kingswood Heath than I first thought!

Right, that’s enough, now go and leave your Bloor Kingswood Heath trustpilot review

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