Summary of Outstanding

Family room roof

The roof has a distinct lip on one side which I do not accept as design.

Rear Lawn

We paid £750 for a lawn which I expect to drain and to be flat. Our lawn is shocking and needs re laying.

Front Communal Area

I want this area ‘landscaped’ as it was described at the time of purchase. This includes the planting of trees and to be made as presentable as the lawns at the front of the show homes.


Due to the way our homes have been laid out I have radiators within a meter of the thermostats. These radiators heat the area around the thermostats up too quickly thus shutting them down before the rest of the house gets warm.


The finish on my worktops is shocking and have now let water in which has caused them to ‘blow’

Side fence

My side fence cuts across my boundary making it impossible to  mow the lawn or walk across.

Dry Lining

I have very visible joins amongst my lounge plasterboard walls and ceiling.

Proposed fencing at St Aubyns

We need what was promised, a secure fence.

Grrrrrr frustration

Bloor Kingswood Heath

So, here we have a great example of what its like when you ask for help but get fobbed off...

I have pointed out that the roof above my french doors flares up as per the picture.

The people who laid the roof tiles came out and blamed the people laid the bricks. The people who laid the bricks said that the tilers shouldn’t of laid the tiles if they weren’t happy.

All the time I am in the middle not knowing who to believe. However, I am pretty sure that someone from Bloor should be owning this issue and not me.

15th Jan

“On speaking with the contracts manager regarding the roof line, this is as specification and no further work will be carried out to this area. The levelling is with intolerance for NHBC standards and the design of the roof line enables water to be deflected instead of running off onto the render causing damage. ” 

My response

Are you now saying that the roof should be like that?  And, that is has especially been designed to flare up at the end to protect the render from rainfall? Please can you answer this question specifically without anything that could lead to confusion later. A simple yes or no is all I want.
Please note that both your brick contractor and roofing contractor do not agree with this statement.
I am surprised your contracts manager has taken so long to draw this conclusion, especially as he hasn’t attended the property to inspect himself.

My response



Specifically in relation to the roofline, please will you confirm that the roofline has been designed to flare up at the end as previously stated. 


Part of the complaints procedure is that I give Bloor the opportunity to address the issue first before I take advantage of the National House Building Council’s Resolution Service. I consider that I have met this obligation by allowing the building and roofing contractor access to view my property.


Regrettably, no representatives from Bloor have found the time to inspect before deciding it is within NHBC tolerance. I will now ask the NHBC to decide if it is within their tolerance.


I would appreciate an answer to my question as I will reference this as to why you are not prepared to do anything upon writing my complaint letter.

Finally, some decisive action

As there is some misinterpretation in my correspondence about the roof line, I have asked the Construction Director for assistance in this matter.

I have showed the photos you sent in and he has agreed that brickwork contractors are to inspect this.

Firstly, we need to check if a tower can be erected in your garden for any work to be carried out. Once I know that this fits, I will instruct Tempest to carry out their inspections.


6 Month list update

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Ok, so lets have a little New Year catch up.

You have seen the six month list which we did in November, well you wont be surprised that not much has changed but lets not be down.

The wonky roof has still not been dealt with because Bloor are blaming the Brick people and the brick people are blaming the roof people. Im simply waiting for someone to take a little responsibility…

The gate that wouldn’t open or shut has been fixed! Someone came and did what they said and it’s perfect even if it doesn’t match the fence.

My kitchen units have been looked at but are still not right with some huge gaps and some no gaps.

Paint has been sorted but my lounge dry lining needs looking at.

Kitchen worktops are to be replaced. Yes we have the pleasure of the kitchen being refitted. Good they are doing it but bad that it has to be done.

Metal fence is a planning issue, they wont do anything so I will be moving.

Lawn – the front is dry the back is waterlogged and massively uneven. However, no one has been round yet.

Brick cleaning, well they also forgot to come round.

Heating is a worry, I have just had a massive bill and yet we have some parts of the home which are simply cold. Im not convinced that we have the right set up and expected this home to be energy efficient. As it stands we use 3x more energy than similar homes in our area.

Bloor Kingswood Heath Trustpilot review

Bloor Kingswood Heath trustpilot review

Firstly, yes I have better things to do.

Bloor Kingswood Heath Trustpilot review

My life is full of some really lovely people, and this is what is important. However, Bloor continues to do wrong by myself and my new friends, and it is just not fair. Why should we suffer to preserve the profits and Christmas bonuses of people who haven’t don’t their job in the first place? So, here we are Bloor Kingswood Heath Trustpilot review time.

So, today I thought I would leave a Trustpilot review. After all, that’s what they are for, right?

Ok, maybe I should have waited until my is completed but I think I will feel the same regardless.

Customer service and quality is something you just expect from a builder who quotes perfection in their sales material. I feel hugely let down and do not relish the countless conversations I will have with my friends and family when they visit our new home over Christmas.

If you live here, please jump on Trustpilot and share your experience. If you don’t and are thinking about it, think hard and ask lots of questions. Drop me a line if you want to hear it from someone who has just finished his first year of dealing with Bloor Kingswood Heath.

On a positive note, it may snow again which will cover the grass area opposite saving me from looking out my window and fuming at its unfinished state. Yes, a thick covering of snow is just what we need. You never know, our lawns may even look level and that would be a first!

Only a few more words until we hit the magic number that makes Google happy. On the subject of Google, it would seem more people are interested in reading about Kingswood Heath than I first thought!

Right, that’s enough, now go and leave your Bloor Kingswood Heath trustpilot review

This is how you do it…

Bloor Kingswood Heath

So, following up from yesterday’s post. fenwick have followed up with an email which really underlines a culture of the ‘customer comes first’. I have been left under no illusion that my complaint is in the right hands and although no fault of Fenwicks, they have taken 100% of the responsibility. Yes, Fenwick also use third parties but not once did they blame the table manfacturer.

All I can say is that Mersea Homes is probably the Fenwick of Furniture, and yes by going to Bloor, I have bought my table from a boot sale.

The exact opposite of Bloor

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Today I witnessed something truly impressive. The story starts when we bought a table at Fenwicks of Colchester, it’s dead nice and we are very happy with it. Well, we were until we opened it out to its maximum size and we found it had discolored considerably. So, on Sunday I sent the store an email with a couple of photos. To my surprise, I got an email the same day giving me two appointment opportunities for inspection.

This morning Mark Turner from Fenwicks Colchester came out. He called when he was on his way and visited my home on time with a smile on his face even though he knew it was a complaint. Even before seeing the table Markapologisedd the inconvenience and upon seeing the table he drew the conclusion that it needed replacing.

At this point I was more than impressed, to say the least. My experience of customer service and that of my neighbours has been shocking to say the least.

On leaving the property after shaking my hand he said the most relevent parting line. “That’s why you bought at Fenwick”, he’s right. We chose Fenwick over many other cheaper options and yes the table was expensive but we have been treated exceptionally.

Bloor are not the Fenwicks of the property world, maybe IKEA.

So, are you looking for furniture for your new home? If so, treat yourself to a trip to Fenwicks. Take as many escalators as you can until you get to the top floor where you will be looked after. PS The sales aren’t bad either!