Your’e not progressed enough…

Dad is a bit frustrated today. All he wants to do is reserve the property as its the perfect house for us, but the lady in the Sales office won’t let him despite us been sold and in a completed chain. Apparently, we are not progressed enough and have to wait a few extra weeks. Daddy couldn’t really get to the bottom of it as it was a bit vague. But, with Christmas looming it was time to forget about it and have a great time!

The Dolbys

So they had reserved a property but it was a Mersea Home. Whilst they had reserved it, I don’t think either actually loved the property at all. But it was going to be ready to move into just as we move out of our old house.

That’s¬†when Abby’s Mum emailed daddy with a new development called Bloor, just across the road. He phoned up but the sales office wasn’t opening for a week or so :(. However, Daddy had seen ONE property that he thought was perfect for us. This turned out to be plot 548. We went to Rowhedge to speak to a lady and look at a Bloor show home.