Bloor Kingswood Heath

Well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs and in this case, it looks like someone wants my site down more than I thought. Yes folks, in a crude attempt to cause some mischieve this website was hacked. However, no real harm done. So, for the time been when someone googles Kingswood Heath, we still come second but with a message that this site has been hacked. However, whilst this is only for a short period of time while google confirm that I have removed the offending items, traffic has gone up! Yes, it would seem that people are more interested in the site with the reference to it been ‘hacked’.

Summary of Outstanding

Family room roof

The roof has a distinct lip on one side which I do not accept as design.

Rear Lawn

We paid £750 for a lawn which I expect to drain and to be flat. Our lawn is shocking and needs re laying.

Front Communal Area

I want this area ‘landscaped’ as it was described at the time of purchase. This includes the planting of trees and to be made as presentable as the lawns at the front of the show homes.


Due to the way our homes have been laid out I have radiators within a meter of the thermostats. These radiators heat the area around the thermostats up too quickly thus shutting them down before the rest of the house gets warm.


The finish on my worktops is shocking and have now let water in which has caused them to ‘blow’

Side fence

My side fence cuts across my boundary making it impossible to  mow the lawn or walk across.

Dry Lining

I have very visible joins amongst my lounge plasterboard walls and ceiling.

Proposed fencing at St Aubyns

We need what was promised, a secure fence.

6 Month list update

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Ok, so lets have a little New Year catch up.

You have seen the six month list which we did in November, well you wont be surprised that not much has changed but lets not be down.

The wonky roof has still not been dealt with because Bloor are blaming the Brick people and the brick people are blaming the roof people. Im simply waiting for someone to take a little responsibility…

The gate that wouldn’t open or shut has been fixed! Someone came and did what they said and it’s perfect even if it doesn’t match the fence.

My kitchen units have been looked at but are still not right with some huge gaps and some no gaps.

Paint has been sorted but my lounge dry lining needs looking at.

Kitchen worktops are to be replaced. Yes we have the pleasure of the kitchen being refitted. Good they are doing it but bad that it has to be done.

Metal fence is a planning issue, they wont do anything so I will be moving.

Lawn – the front is dry the back is waterlogged and massively uneven. However, no one has been round yet.

Brick cleaning, well they also forgot to come round.

Heating is a worry, I have just had a massive bill and yet we have some parts of the home which are simply cold. Im not convinced that we have the right set up and expected this home to be energy efficient. As it stands we use 3x more energy than similar homes in our area.

Bloor Bodge Job

Bloor Kingswood Heath

Call it slander, malicious, call it what you want. I will argue this all the way… So, you build a structure that is not sturdy enough to maintain its own weight and wobbles; what do you do? You send someone out to put gallows up but they work themselves loose and are deemed by Bloor to be temporary. Bloor then decide that they are not aesthetically pleasing and then crudely brace the structure from above…

Surely, this is not the work of a master builder?


Cant think of a picture to go with this post but I have just had a really nice professional reply from Bloor, as the title says, I’m impressed, to say the least.

Of course, I’m now going to ruin this with satire but the sentiment means well. My analogy is this, if you have been eating crumbs for 6 months and someone passes you a piece of steak; Trust me, it will taste like the best steak you have had in your whole life! So for now, I’m pretty pleased.

Here’s the email. It’s important people see the good as well as the bad 🙂

Good Morning,

Please could you let me know whether Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 8am would be convenient for our Maintenance Operative to attend your property to carry out remedials to your home. We only hold appointments for 48 hours so I would be grateful if you could confirm, by return of this email.

I have also raised job tickets for your Brickwork to be cleaned by the Brick workers (Tempest Brickwork) and the roof not being straight has been raised with the Roofers ( Newbury Roofing). They will both be in direct contact with you regarding this.

The communal Landscaping areas are being sorted by Site and we will be in contact when they know when that is being sorted.

In regards to your Kitchen Worktops and Railing in your front garden, these are being investigated by your coordinator and they will be in contact with you when they have done this.

Kind Regards,


Bloor Kingswood Heath – A new build buyers summary!

After looking how big this Bloor Kingswood Heath website has become, I thought it might be a good idea to summarise my thoughts. Furthermore, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read the whole thing.

So, if you feel inclined please have a read because you may be surprised.