The exact opposite of Bloor

Today I witnessed something truly impressive. The story starts when we bought a table at Fenwicks of Colchester, it’s dead nice and we are very happy with it. Well, we were until we opened it out to its maximum size and we found it had discolored considerably. So, on Sunday I sent the store an email with a couple of photos. To my surprise, I got an email the same day giving me two appointment opportunities for inspection.

This morning Mark Turner from Fenwicks Colchester came out. He called when he was on his way and visited my home on time with a smile on his face even though he knew it was a complaint. Even before seeing the table Markapologisedd the inconvenience and upon seeing the table he drew the conclusion that it needed replacing.

At this point I was more than impressed, to say the least. My experience of customer service and that of my neighbours has been shocking to say the least.

On leaving the property after shaking my hand he said the most relevent parting line. “That’s why you bought at Fenwick”, he’s right. We chose Fenwick over many other cheaper options and yes the table was expensive but we have been treated exceptionally.

Bloor are not the Fenwicks of the property world, maybe IKEA.

So, are you looking for furniture for your new home? If so, treat yourself to a trip to Fenwicks. Take as many escalators as you can until you get to the top floor where you will be looked after. PS The sales aren’t bad either!

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