First real dealings with customer services

Hi Steve

Hope this email finds you well.

Big win getting the Broadband working and this has changed the way I view the home as it is now somewhere I can work. Despite the Wi-Fi offering, my initial 6 weeks has put me to a financial inconvenience which I will present to you when I get the final bills.

As discussed, nothing will change my mind that my home was not ready to move into but as a majority of my issues have either been resolved or no longer need resolving I wish to draw attention to my final concerns. After sorting these, if you are still genuinely interested in my Bloor experience, I will happily share. However, as nothing will change the past, I question the value of the exercise.

I have attached a short doc with images and appreciate your views.

Also, my front door has become increasingly difficult to lock. In fact, my wife has stopped using it as she hasn’t the straight to engage the handle.

Thanks for everything you have done for me to-date Steve.



Dear Mr Ninnim

Thank you for your email and apologies for the slow response, I have been out of the office rather a lot of late.

I have forwarded your report of external issues to the Contracts Manager and copied the MD in for clarity so will await a response on this.

I would like your feedback on the experience if you would be kind enough to do so as I feel that all feedback is worthwhile if we are to improve and if certain issues are highlighted then that will provide me with specifics to give to the business.

In regard to the front door can you let me know if it is still stiff and if so I will have a maintenance operative booked in to attend and resolve.

Best regards



Thanks Steve.

Yes, my front door is nearly impossible to lock and I would appreciate some attention.

I think I know what the Contracts Manager will say. Sadly, we all seem to get the stock answer of “that’s what’s on the plans”. However, the plans have changed since reservation and I question if they are right. My front garden has a fence (that wasn’t on the original plans) cutting it in two in a bizarre staggered shape. I also note that some houses have fences and some do not, some have grass in-front of the fences and some do not. There is no consistency in the close and it doesn’t look good.

With reference to the other areas, I am going to assume they are not finished and I look forward to them being property landscaped as described. I know that Bloor wouldn’t class scattering some grass seed as landscaping.

On the subject of excellent customer service, Cherryl from the sales office has just taken the time to inform me that some essential maintenance is about to happen which will effect the broadband. This is going above and beyond and a credit to your sales team.




Dear Mr Ninnim

I have now had the opportunity to check the fence location on your property and the make-up of it. You are correct that originally there was going to be a small wooden knee rail installed however as part of the planning process for the whole of the Severalls development the local authority requested that the estate fences were installed and the subsequent change was made. The small return area that you mention to the side of your property is installed in that manner to ensure that the vehicles reversing from the neighbouring drives do not hit the fence.

I trust this answers your concerns.


Hi Steve

I find it hard to believe that planning hadn’t been approved before we reserved but if that what you are saying, I can only accept your answer. I trust that this will be consistent throughout the development and guess that my neighbours are due to have their fences installed shortly.

With regret, I need to escalate my enquiry to a complaint with respect to the way in which my fences have been laid out. If there is a concern that a turning vehicle may strike my boundary, I suggest that this is a planning error and I shouldn’t have my garden divided into two to cater for the lack of turning space? I suggest that these fences are not fit for purpose and require another solution that does not dissect my land.

Are you seriously saying the below makes sense to you? This is not a turning circle, its a path and my garden.

I look forward to your response


Dear Steve

In absence of a response to my email of the 21st  I write again to seek assistance in rectifying this issue.

Disappointed but not surprised that after been told that the pathway would be be completed and opened by the end of the this month, nothing has happened. 2 months in occupation and the path outside my house is still unfinished and the exit fenced up. Steve, I repeat, I have lived here 2 months and I have un surfaced path and bloor metal security fencing in clear view of my house which stops me accessing local amenities.

No landscaping work has been carried out to the front of the house yet I notice the green to the front of your show homes has been attended to. When I bought this home, I was told that the green to the front would be ‘landscaped’. All that has happened is some grass seed has been sewn amongst excavated mud which includes hardcore, glass and all sorts. I know this is not Bloors definition of landscaped as the same phrase was used for what would be outside the show homes.

No street lights work this end of the street but guess what, the one by the show home does.

Having let my lawn ‘settle’ I am unhappy with the uneven finish. I had paid your contractor to try and help with this but it did nothing. I paid £750 for the lawn and I am unhappy with it.

I appreciate you are busy, please at least acknowledge this email.



Dear Mr Ninnim,

Thank you for your email and I am sorry that you are disappointed with the finishing levels of the communal areas at Severalls. I have forwarded your complaint onto the Construction Director and Contracts Manager who I have requested they provide a response.

Best regards


Thank you Steve

Can I ask if you are disappointed in this finishing level? Would you consider this to be ‘landscaped’?

I look forward to hearing from the Construction Director in due course but I will not be satisfied until this area looks the same as the main green outside the show homes.

Also, do i discuss my garden with the Construction Director?



Dear Mr Ninnim

The area that you make mention of to the front of your home is not actually an area that is owned by Bloor Homes and is only to be seeded to encourage the grass, however the site team have stated that they will ensure that this area is cut before it is handed back to the managing agents.

In regard to the path we are hoping the water main diversion is carried out this week so we can finish this area and remove the fencing .The street light is still to be connected as site are waiting till the water diversion is completed.

Best regards


Dear Steve

That’s disappointing and unacceptable.

When we purchased this property, we were categorically told that it would be ‘landscaped’ as this was a major concern of mine due to my house facing this area. Do you consider encouraging grass to grow on excavated mud as landscaping?

To be clear, you are only proposing to cut it once before handing over to the managing agents, please advise when this is. With the level of protective purchasers who walk down this close, that really surprises me.

In order to stay on track. I accept that you do not own the land as this is not down to interpretation. However, I now consider that I have been mislead into thinking that this area was due to be landscaped. As such my complaint remains unsatisfied.

I also look forward to your proposal surrounding the grass that was laid in my garden. To make this easier, I will accept a refund or reinstallation.



Im a little confused.

If you don’t own the land, who does? I say this because the Management Company won’t look after Council land will they? Are you saying it’s council land?  If it’s not council land and it’s not your land, whose land is it?

My understanding is that the Council own up to the tree line and that you own the rest.

I feel that my solicitor should of made me aware of this Steve as it now turns out my home is only a matter of metres away from land that I thought was a communal area.

Dear Catie

Thank you for overseeing the purchase of my property, are you able to confirm who owns the land directly outside the front of my house. to be clear on the other side of the path.4

Thank you



Still no light on the ownership of the land. Would appreciate an answer although I fully expect you will find that it is indeed Bloor. I appreciate someone actually cutting the grass as it looks much better thank you.

Not heard anything from the Construction Director regarding the fact that we were told it was due to be landscaped.

  • I still have a fencing issue
  • I still have a garden issue

Look forward to a response



Look forward to your response.



I understand Steve is now on holiday.

Im sure he wouldn’t go away without handing this over to someone, please can you contact me to arrange the issues surrounding the ownership of the land in-front of my house, my fence issue and my garden.




Please would someone have the decency to at least acknowledge my email? If I am writing to the wrong people or following the wrong process, please can you correct me. I will continue to chase until I get an answer.

I respected your decision to assume post-completion responsibility but if you fail to answer me I will be forced to visit the sales office and ask them to escalate my issues.


Good Afternoon Mr Ninnim,

Thank you for your email.

Please be advised that that issues you have raised are being looked into and we will be in contact in due course.

With Kind Regards,


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