Google Page 1 Position 2

A point of amusement at Bloor Kingswood Heath.

As a marketing person, my job often involves working websites, in fact, I work on them everyday, and I LOVE MY JOB. I take pride in seeing how well my sites are doing when it comes to google so they are seen by as many people as possible. My Bloor Kingswood Heath website is a non-profit online voice so I’m not too fussed.

In this case, imagine my surprise when this site started to rank 2nd only to Bloor itself. I did think that I may have to pay (which Bloor also do) but no.

As such, this is now a bit of a project to see if I can get it to rank above Bloor.

Hopefully, you will excuse me for using the words Bloor Kingswood Heath as much as I do. It’s not that I like saying the name over and over, but it’s a great way of getting googles attention.

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