Grrrrrr frustration

So, here we have a great example of what its like when you ask for help but get fobbed off...

I have pointed out that the roof above my french doors flares up as per the picture.

The people who laid the roof tiles came out and blamed the people laid the bricks. The people who laid the bricks said that the tilers shouldn’t of laid the tiles if they weren’t happy.

All the time I am in the middle not knowing who to believe. However, I am pretty sure that someone from Bloor should be owning this issue and not me.

15th Jan

“On speaking with the contracts manager regarding the roof line, this is as specification and no further work will be carried out to this area. The levelling is with intolerance for NHBC standards and the design of the roof line enables water to be deflected instead of running off onto the render causing damage. ” 

My response

Are you now saying that the roof should be like that?  And, that is has especially been designed to flare up at the end to protect the render from rainfall? Please can you answer this question specifically without anything that could lead to confusion later. A simple yes or no is all I want.
Please note that both your brick contractor and roofing contractor do not agree with this statement.
I am surprised your contracts manager has taken so long to draw this conclusion, especially as he hasn’t attended the property to inspect himself.

My response



Specifically in relation to the roofline, please will you confirm that the roofline has been designed to flare up at the end as previously stated. 


Part of the complaints procedure is that I give Bloor the opportunity to address the issue first before I take advantage of the National House Building Council’s Resolution Service. I consider that I have met this obligation by allowing the building and roofing contractor access to view my property.


Regrettably, no representatives from Bloor have found the time to inspect before deciding it is within NHBC tolerance. I will now ask the NHBC to decide if it is within their tolerance.


I would appreciate an answer to my question as I will reference this as to why you are not prepared to do anything upon writing my complaint letter.

Finally, some decisive action

As there is some misinterpretation in my correspondence about the roof line, I have asked the Construction Director for assistance in this matter.

I have showed the photos you sent in and he has agreed that brickwork contractors are to inspect this.

Firstly, we need to check if a tower can be erected in your garden for any work to be carried out. Once I know that this fits, I will instruct Tempest to carry out their inspections.


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