Well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs and in this case, it looks like someone wants my site down more than I thought. Yes folks, in a crude attempt to cause some mischieve this website was hacked. However, no real harm done. So, for the time been when someone googles Kingswood Heath, we still come second but with a message that this site has been hacked. However, whilst this is only for a short period of time while google confirm that I have removed the offending items, traffic has gone up! Yes, it would seem that people are more interested in the site with the reference to it been ‘hacked’.

4 thoughts on “Hacked”

  1. Hi,
    Your experience sounds horrendous.
    How are things now?
    We’re thinking about the Saffron Walden development -but having serious second thoughts after reading this.
    Given the choice, would you have accepted a full refund and moved out to an alternative house?
    How dare they treat people like this-so stressful. I hope you get things sorted and soon.

  2. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for your message. This is our story and yours I hope could be very different. To this day, I believe that they moved us in too early as we were one of the first on this development, you may get lucky at Saffron Walden!

    On a positive, Bloor have finished work here (Friday). It’s not perfect but I have learnt that perfect isnt realsitic. We have lived here a year now and I’m keen to just enjoy the property for what it is.

    Have a great Bank Holiday.


  3. Hi Mark,
    We are thinking of moving to this development and would like to know how you feel now?Another thing that puzzles us is the IFNL broadband system,do you use this,what results do you get and what company do you recommend please?Also do they have BT landlines and Sky there?
    Thank you Ian

    • Hi Ian

      I’m so sorry I am so late in replying. When we moved in we HAD to use INFL’s companies and we chose See the light. However, you can choose whoever you want. Personally, I think the original practice was not legitimate. However, I still use See the light as they have a good service and enable me to mirror upload and download speeds which I need for my work.

      Good luck with your choice.


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