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Hi xxx

I draw your attention to my anticipated wi-fi usage based upon the period I had to wait when I moved into my current address and had to wait for BT.

I purchased 15 gig on the 3rd

I topped up on the 4th 10gig

I topped up on the 5th 10gig

I topped up on the 8th 10gig

I topped up on the 9th 10gig

I topped up on the 11th 10gig

I topped up on the 13th 10gig

Thats 75 gig between the 1st and the 13th when we got connected to BT at a cost of £120.

I require no technical advice from IFNL thank you. I need Bloor and IFNL to accept that I should not be punished because the property that I am buying has insufficient cabling upon completion. I bought a house that offers unlimited broadband at lightning speeds, your proposal offers me 50 gig and 14mb per sec, this makes it a Bloor problem (after all I am paying you £389,000).

I find this irritating at best. The fact that I will have to work at a ridiculously slow speed and pay for the privilege is not acceptable, please register my dissatisfaction and come back to me with a satisfactory compensation package.




Hi Mark,

I have spoken to GTC this morning and have asked them to look into solutions for me regarding your email below..

They will get back to me on Tuesday.

As soon as I have a response I will come back to you.

Kind regards

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