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Hi All,

To date, I have enjoyed a very positive experience with my Bloor purchase but I fear that this could be tested as we approach completion. I hope this is proven wrong and will remain positive with the hopes of a smooth completion process. (smiley face).

However, completion delays, confirmed delays of utilities and visible work still to be done go along way to create anxiety which I hope is not required.

I draw your attention to the next work solution and reiterate that we will require an unlimited package. I am happy to pay what I would of been paying (monthly subscription) as this is fair. I do not want anything for free, I simply want what I am entitled to when buying a new home. Like I say, I am not after anything special just what I have been promised (unlimited broadband). If it is possible to give me 50gig, it is possible to give me 400gig, it’s just down to cost.

Of course, the true inconvenience here is not financial as it will cost little to supply the data, it is myself as someone who relies on a fast connection to work efficiently.

I look forward to your response.

Forgive the tone of my email, I know you are doing your very best for Maria and I




Dear Mark,

Many thanks for your email and it’s great to hear that you’ve enjoyed the experience of purchasing a Bloor Home with us to date.

It is frustrating for both our purchasers and for ourselves at Bloor that there have been some delays caused by Highways and by IFNL for the fibre connections. We want every purchaser to have the most enjoyable and stress free experience possible when purchasing their lovely new home. I can only apologise for these points and assure you that we will do our best to ensure the remaining works are carried out in a timely manner and to minimise any disruption this may cause, and also do our best to keep you informed as to how things are progressing. Regarding visible work still to be done to the property or surrounding areas, I completely appreciate how this can appear like a daunting amount of work, particularly if you are not used to seeing the building process on site, but please be assured that a lot can change in every day that passes and things are currently on track as we would expect (other than the fibre connections).

I really do appreciate your comments relating to the internet speeds / the volume of data on offer, and that this is not what you would hope for. Whilst I’m sure you appreciate we may not be abIe to resolve the temporary slower speeds than what will ultimately be available, I am not immediately certain as to what options we have available regarding data volumes, and have therefore sent a message to IFNL (Independent Fibre Networks Ltd) to enquire. As soon as we have had a response, we will come back to you.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and I hope we can keep your experience with Bloor a very positive

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