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FYI but please pass to the relevant party within Bloor.

Had someone round today who has confirmed what IFNL had confirmed and that is there is an issue with the fibre for my plot.

Apparently, someone needs to check the underground connections and this should identify the issue.

Shame really as Sky are due here on Monday but I am told this installation will fail.

I have been told that even after the BT works have been carried out my broadband will not work as I have readings of -36 and -56 on my connection. Without this getting fixed, no supply to my house will work.

It’s ok though, I have zero expectations this will be resolved so cannot be any further disappointed than I am.

In preparation for my issues to be still present past the 26th I have reserved a service office from this date which supplies all utilities required, I will present Bloor with these costs until my home is able to deliver what was sold to me.

On the subject of cost, I have used up the 50gb of data on the wifi unit but i was given the option of buying more which I did and will continue to so. I do not expect to bare this cost myself and should I be charged, I will be presenting Bloor with this bill also.



Hi Mark,

Thank you for your email. I have passed this on to the relevant people and will of course speak directly to site on Monday to find out what action is being taken.

Kind regards,

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