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Hi All,

So, looking forward to Broadband tomorrow as promised by Sales Director. Shame, she didn’t have time to call.

I got part of my EE bill through yesterday which was for £120 and covered only part of the month, it continues to climb and today I have had to drive to my head office to work. I put a call in to IFNL yesterday who nothing about Wednesday but I guess that wont make any difference because I know that Bloor wouldn’t of told me another false date as that would be very annoying.

You should know for certain if Wednesday is going to happen by now as it wont happen on its own out of luck. Anything to put my mind at rest would help.

where’s your perfect?

Mark 😉


Dear Mr Ninnim

My apologies for not calling you on Friday in response to your voicemail. It was our year end day and therefore it was extremely pressured. However the Engineering and Construction teams gave us the latest update and I was completely assured by the sales team that the latest information was communicated to you, and that your enquiry was responded to, Please could you let me know if this was not the case?

Unfortunately we cannot offer certainty over provision but we are doing everything we can to push the necessary parties to deliver on their promises.

Please may I take the opportunity to request that you direct your communication of concern and complaint to the Customer Care team at Eastern so that it can be logged and responded to formally under our Complaints policy. They are best placed to deal with your post-occupation concerns and will log this for you.

Kind regards,

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