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First off, you must understand my position on this post. It has little to do with the centre itself as it was there long before I decided to move here. They do some exceptional work troubled individuals and I have the highest respect for them and what they do for our society.

However, there used to be a 6′ division between the housing estate and the secure unit. Now, there is a small black metal fence. People do not volunteer to go to St. Aubyns, so by definition should they choose to leave this must be an attractive exit now. This is a problem, because this is where we live, literally. My children play not far from this fence.

Personally, I think it is unfair to put this in view of people who cannot be as free as they would like. Seeing children playing happily when this is not possible, could become something that a guest of St. Aubyns finds frustrating. Surely, this will not help them?

I think that strategically, it is within both parties interests not to have this open environment.

These are not the ramblings of someone who does not understand or respect the great work they do at St. Aubyns. Just a concerned resident who feels that there is a privacy risk both ways. Whilst I am confident my children wouldn’t go in there, I can’t be sure others may not find it tempting.

It would have been better to have this fence finished in a way that does not encourage interest from either direction.

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  1. I turned down the property 3 doors from here because of the same concern. have they actually removed the 6 ft fence at the bottom of the houses gardens?

  2. I am sorry to hear this and I agree with you on the concern over residents potentially having nothing else but to “focus” on the direct view from their window (being the properties).

    At the time I did consider whether I was “overthinking” this factor of being closely connected (my daughters bedroom would of looked straight into the side of the unit). I did my research, I spoke with staff from the centre and I was advised that residents will be walking freely around the grounds around the centre also.

    My concern was that if someone has an outburst and needs to be restrained as is common with mental health patients, then my child could be witnessing this from her bedroom window and would hear everything also.

    I also found out that this is a “very secure” unit and houses teenagers as well as people in their 50’s?? which seemed odd. The people using this service are placed there from all over the country as this place is very highly sought after because of the treatment.

    While is extremely unfortunate that anyone would need to be “placed” without choice anywhere like this unit, it is a reality that they are extremely unwell and do need strong assistance.

    I also spoke with a resident across Boxted road from the small flats there. He explained that on some days residents of the unit may be taken out on a potential shopping trip. He witnessed staff struggling to assist a person who was attempting to throw themselves infront of a car.

    This is the research which I have completed before accepting a property. I always thought I may of been overthinking it or dramatizing it, but, after reading your concerns I can see that I would of worried more than you had I of lived there.

    Push to get a high fence reinstated I am sure everyone would understand your very valid point and you did present it extremely well with no discrimination.

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