My summary

This is my summary which gives a more holistic view.

First of all, Bloor (and other builders) use family lifestyle as a currency to sell homes. Just look at their adverts and brochures. However, we are not to be taken for granted, we are real people.

The picture to the right was taken on completion and posted on my wife facebook. It was the start of a new chapter in our little familie’s life. Therefore, I was filled with pride to be able to secure such a nice home for my wife and children.

Despite being let down by every management level including customer services, we still love our house. We love it despite of how badly we have been treated. If you buy at Kingswood Heath, (or else where) you will probably understand what I mean. You have to remind yourself that you fell in love with the property and not the service. Either that, or be forever disappointed.

The Bloor product isn’t that bad. It’s not Mersea Homes who we will call Mercedes, it’s more an aspiring Audi which itself isn’t a bad thing. Ironically, it’s a relatively quick fix to get it right. Get the right people to do the right job. Check their work before you hand over to your customers. Especially relevant, Get a management team that does more than sell. Ownership and responsibility are not a dirty words.

Most of all, if you must handover to a customer services department, make it an effective on that takes ownership of the problem until satisfaction is reached.

Actual summary…

So, the million dollar question. Would I recommend Bloor Homes at Kingswood Heath? Hell no. Would I recommend buying a home you think your family will love and be safe in, yes of course. The irony is, to do that, this development may just be for you… #deep

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Sounds like you have had a tough year.

    I am interested in buying a property on the same development but I wondered if any of your neighbours have had similar issues as you?

    Many thanks,

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