The Brick People 6 month list

Didnt catch their names but we had the ‘brick people’ round yesterday and whilst we got off to a frosty start they turned out to be very helpful. It turns out that my house didn’t get its brickwork cleaned which is why it is covered in cement. Perhaps Bloor Kingswood Heath were too busy to notice that my red brick is really a patchy grey. Also, needs to be cleaned with acid, this isnt me being lazy.

This is another example of poor post completion checks. I don’t care what anyone says; someone from Bloor should of walked round to my house before I got the keys and said “this brick work looks awful, lets do something about it before Mark and his family move in.

Funny thing, when I pointed out that the roof man had blamed the brick man for my wonky roof line. Brick man laughed and said “I bet he did”. He also went on to point out that there was a thing missing from my roof line.

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