The end…Or is it?

Friday 25th saw the final piece of work completed on my Bloor Kingswood Heath home. It’s either an amazing coincidence or indication of the year we have had that Friday also marked our 1st year living in this property. Yes, we have been here for 1 whole year, and the work has just finished.

Is the house now perfect, no. Perfect is not within Bloor’s grasp or even close. Is it ok? yes.

The picture above inappropriately illustrates that someone won. Well, that’s not the intention, it’s just over.

I have reached a final point of solace where enough is enough. The past can’t be re-written, the disappointment won’t be forgotten due to the rectification of faults. Bloor Kingswood Heath might say they’ve put everything right and you can’t expect any more. I disagree but am too tired to argue.

The questions still stand. Why build this website? Well, it was the only way to get heard and if nothing else it proved to be the catalyst that got my issues treated more seriously. Would I buy Bloor again? Never. Would I recommend Bloor Kingswood Heath to a friend? Never. However, if like me you find the right house in the right location, maybe you will simply have to take a chance!


10 thoughts on “The end…Or is it?”

  1. I’m in the process of buying a Bloor house near Leamington is the last property on a 150 dwelling estate. Bloor have given us what appears to be a good financial deal. Having only just read several critical reviews and only a couple of positive ones my 3 main concerns are why no power of any sort in the garage, and the site storage site ( which we are told will be dismantled and landscape within 2 months) is immediately opposite our front of house with a field behind it. Also Bloor want me to use their solicitors which concerns me.

    • Hi Brian,

      Apologies for the delay, I hope you have found your dream home by now. Thanks for your note. I don’t have power in my garage either but I was lead to belive it was to do with building regs…

      Good luck,


  2. Mark

    Many thanks for this I find it very unfortunate that you have been through so much in regards to the build.

    Me and my wife fell in love with the design of the style of your house that you purchased and prior to you moving in we looked at yours from the outside in.

    We actually wanted to buy Plot 679 and had hoped as a guide price it would come on the market at £415,000 only to get told it came on at £433,000. How lucky we were to miss out and purchase at Bellway round the corner with only minor snags that were in no way show stoppers, 100 square foot smaller, double garage and amazing views for around the same asking price of your property.

    We were given a 5* service from start to finish and 7 months on our house is immaculate.

    So shocked at your experience, but I thank you for sharing and warning ⚠️ others.

    Have you contacted the press?

    • Hi Kieran!

      Wow, you had a lucky escape! I hope you enjoy your new home. Apologies for the late reply but I have not had time to get back to everyone.

      All the very best.


  3. Hi Mark,
    It seem’s like you have had a tough year in terms of your new Bloor Home.

    I am looking into buying a property on Kingswood Heath, I’m interested to know if any of your neighbours have had similar problems as you have had with regards to…..Basically every aspect?


    • Hi,

      Yes, sadly. I can’t speak for my neighbours but I think a majority would agree. One of my neighbours is still having work done 18 months later…

      Good luck.


  4. Hi Mark

    Thank you for providing such a detailed report of your bad experience with Bloor Homes Kingswood Heath. As a first time buyer I have taken time to read through all your posts. Your photos have been very revealing!

    I am in the process of buying a 4-bed house at Kingswood Heath. Reservation paid and solicitor has undertaken search. We have been set a deadline to exchange first week in November even though the house won’t be ready till December/January. Any suspicion here? Is this a normal timeline?

    The result of Environmental Search indicate that there is potential for Moderate Ground Instability. I understand this applies to all the homes at Kingswood Heath because the soil type is Clay. Is this something you found out with your house? Did you undertake a Home Buyers (Survey) Report? What did this and your solicitors search reveal.

    Having visited the show homes a few times it seems, from your report, that the show homes are built to higher standards compared to the rest of the homes. Do you agree with this or do you think the show homes are rubbish as well?

    I had considered buying at Mersea Homes Chesterwell but did not like the location of the remaining of the house type we would like – Monarch. It meant that we would have to wait for Phase 3 to get what we want – the uncertainty of timing for this did not fit our plans so we opted for Bloor Homes. Also, Chesterwell looks too built up and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of space between houses. Do you agree with this?

    I understand the Berrington Show Home at Kingswood Heath has been released for £499,995 with fixtures, fittings, garden landscape, flooring, white goods, curtains, blinds included. We considered it, but not sure it is a fair price giving the uncertainty with Brexit.

    Did you use Bloor Homes recommended Mortgage Advisor and Solicitors? If yes, what was your experience?

    I’ve got quite a few questions but for starters your thoughts on above would be much appreciated.



    • Hi Wallace

      My sincere apologies for the delay. I created this site as an outlet of my frustration towards my Bloor experience and was not prepared for the number of responses which I have only just seen, I am not notified of every post. The chances are you have made a decision by now and I hope you are happy with your decision. I would love to know what you have decided to do.

      I loved the show homes and do agree that the finish is better deliberately but the interior design is also amazing. I did think about those homes as I love the view of the tree.

      I used the Bloor mortgage broker because I pretty much had to as I did the conveyancer. As a fully qualified mortgage broker myself, I did find this a little annoying but I wanted my house so much I was prepared to jump through the hoops.

      All the very best,


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